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"I am happy to endorse United Pro Roofs, Inc. and its Founder, President, and Manager, Mr. Gus Hoff. For years I have used United Pro Roofs, Inc. for roof repair for damage caused by normal wear and tear, always to receive lasting results by persons I am happy to have at my home as they were very professional and always let us know when they were on my property. Mr. Hoff is very honest and it was never suggested to replace the roof and was told replacement was not necessary. That is refreshing given that there are so many fly by night roofing companies out there that we are vulnerable to that will over sell us.

Later, in the Spring, my home, roof, gutters, skylight, and screens were severely damaged far beyond repair and required complete replacement. My decking was not completely destroyed but needed to be repaired and re-stained. Mr. Hoff and United Pro Roofs, Inc. was there for the entire huge job, and, Mr. Hoff also helped me with the paperwork with my insurance carrier and made the necessary correspondence with them. I really had to do nothing after the first conversation with Mr. Hoff. Instead, Mr. Hoff provided me with the roofers from United Pro Roofs, Inc., and, Mr. Hoff also set me up with the gutter installers, the sky light sellers and installers, the screen installers, and the deck stain and repair company. I did not have to make any of the calls or spend any time but the telephone conversation with Mr. Hoff.

It has been about a year since the work was done and all is still working perfectly and looking terrific. Except for the non-responsive decking company that Mr. Hoff immediately and vigorously got off of their non-responsive backside to complete the job, the repair was the easiest I have ever experienced, especially in light of the extensive damage done to my home.

If you ever have any of the damage or repair needed to your home described in this testimonial, in my opinion and experience, it is risky and unnecessary to try anyone but United Pro Roofs, Inc. I do not remember when I have last written a testimonial or endorsement, but the services delivered by United Pro Roofs, Inc. and Mr. Hoff deserve every word of it as do the readers of this testimonial - terrific win - win!"

Jim Elias

"Last spring after a large hail storm, I contacted United Roofing in Lewisville, Texas owned by Gus Hoff. Gus over the years has put three roofs on my house, so United Roofing is no stranger to me. I had extensive damage which not only included the roof, but gutters, electric fans, seven skylights and even siding and deck damage. Gus sent over one of his crew to cover up the broken skylights and measure them until he could order all the materials to replace the roof. I had a new roof and everything fixed within weeks of the storm. I couldn't have been happier."

Jim Plunkett

"Gus Hoff and the folks at UPR have been my primary source for residential roof repairs and replacements going back nearly 20 years. It's comforting to have a "go to" company for any particular trade as it gives me confidence to recommend them to my clients and use them for my own properties. In all of the years that I have referred Gus and UPR to folks I know, I cannot recall any unsatisfied people when the work was completed. Gus is a good man that tells the truth and stands behind his word. Those folks are getting harder and harder to find."

Laird Lind, Lake Cities Realty

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