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Most people don't give much thought to the qualities they should look for in selecting a roofing contractor. That is until they need one. Then, maybe they will call some friends or people at work for suggestions. And that's not a bad idea, as you may learn who to trust with your roofing project and also who not to trust. But along those same lines, here are some great qualities to look for.

Years in Business
Roofing companies that have been in business for many years show tenacity, at the very least. They have hopefully learned how to run a business through the ups and downs, and learned how to take care of their customers. Not that the customer is always right, but the ability to bend, so to speak, when you have to. I personally have always felt that it's far easier to make the customer happy and to do what it takes to resolve any issues. Meeting payroll and completing jobs, especially difficult jobs, show a commitment you should look for.

Awards from the Community and the Roofing Industry
These show a commitment for continued training, and learning about new materials and how to install them. Better warranties and reduced labor is good for everyone, and this happens with continuing training.

Jack of All Trades and Master of None
We have all seen these contractors, the ones who install siding, windows, fencing, tree work, oh, and also roofing. They do it all. The problem is that a jack of all trades contractor may not be very good at all or any of those trades. Most roofing contractors, myself included, know how to install other products besides roofing, but in the end, if you offer roofing services, stay with roofing. We should all be about making ourselves more valuable to the customer, and how can you do that if you're bouncing all over the place?

Roofing Contractors that Offer Both Commercial and Residential Roofing
Commercial roofing is so much more difficult than residential roofing, requiring more equipment, costly equipment, different membranes, and specialized crews needed to install these roofs. And add the fact that I have found you cannot mix the crews. Residential stays residential and commercial stays commercial. The roofing contractor that offers both offers more value to the customer because of his added experience and knowledge.

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